Pain Medicine of New York

Imagine a long run over the Brooklyn bridge, a bike ride along side the shore line on a warm, sunny day, running around the park with your grandchildren or having the ability to throw that fast ball during your weekend softball game. Well, you can experience these pleasures of life once again with the help of your pain management doctors in Brooklyn and Queens, New York.

Every year, thousands of people choose pain management to regain their quality of life, enabling them to enjoy their families, perform their jobs and resume recreational activities. Today, Pain Medicine of New York has become one of the leading pain management centers in the Brooklyn and Queens area. Our experienced pain management doctors, nurses and staff help those suffering so that they do not have to fight pain alone. We are here to help you regardless of pain etiology.

The Pain Medicine of New York offers pain treatment and pain management solutions for your overall well being. Procedures for cervical, lumbar, abdominal, pelvic and thoracic conditions can be your answer to eliminating your pain once and for all. Our main goal is to ensure we provide New York City, Queens and Brooklyn, New York with the pain management care you need to regain a happy, active and pain free life.

A caring team of professionals use only the most appropriate, technically advanced treatment methods in a pleasant state of the art facility to provide you with the maximum relief you need to enjoy your life again. Through translation services in multiple languages, we are able to serve and care for patients who are more comfortable using their native speech.

Pain Management Brooklyn / Queens